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How Important are Vitamins and Supplements to Detoxing?

You are exposed to heavy metals every day. These can have a negative impact on your health, so doing the occasional detox may help you to optimize your well-being. However, before diving in and getting started, it is a good idea to learn more about why a detox is important, how to perform one, and […]

What Foods Should I Eat to Promote Cellular Health?

Cellular Health

  Image courtesy of ASEA  Having become aware of GMO and steroid-laden “food,” America has started another revolution. This revolution is one in favor of “real” food. Americans are studying the body and what is good for cellular health. They are demanding and getting organic foods. They are using herbal supplements and food as medicine. […]

4 Reasons You Should Take Supplements For Your Teeth

Supplements for your Teeth

Supplements for your Teeth While eating a nutritious daily diet and performing oral hygiene is important for your teeth, you must also take dietary supplements that contain vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. There are four principal reasons why you should look for the right types of dietary supplements to keep your oral cavity in the best […]

A Diet Starts at Your Shopping Cart: Finding the Willpower to Stick to it

Successful dieting plan

When starting a new diet, changing your eating routine can be a difficult transition to make. You may need to cut calories, restructure your consumption of healthy, non-processed foods, or cut out a particular kind of sweet or junk food altogether. Because of this, taking a trip to the grocery store requires a new mindset. […]

Craving Busters: How to Control Hunger

How to Control Hunger

How to Control Hunger? So many of us start out on a diet with the best intentions. We say to ourselves, “This time I will be disciplined and committed.” On days one, two and even three we have a firm resolve but soon enough, hunger strikes and overwhelms and we find ourselves caving to temptation. […]