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7 Foods That Naturally Detox Your body

Detox Your body

Food is a Powerful Weapon to Detox Your Body Do you want to keep your body healthy through your diet? If so, you will need to consider detoxing your body from the everyday toxins in your current diet. To jump-start the process, we suggest following a healthy, safe detox program to detox your body. We’ve compiled […]

Allergic Children – 5 Common Allergens That Trigger Pediatric Allergies

By Debbie Davis  |   Submitted On March 27, 2009 Allergies, or the body’s overreaction to a substance that it mistakenly views as dangerous, can trigger allergic reactions in children that range from mild to life threatening. A specific protein is usually at the root of the problem even though the triggers may vary. Here are […]

Balance your Energy and Reduce Stress with Yoga

By Jennifer Marie Jordan From energy drinks to energy bars, energy is something sought by people each day. Everything is made up of energy. Energy is pulsation – a pulsation that moves in a wave-like rhythm flowing up and flowing down. We may think we need to grab for energy outside of us in order […]

A Home Exercise Routine Designed for Weight Loss

by:  Apple Tinao A home exercise routine is a brilliant means to keep a sensible physical structure and reduce weight. Along with proper dieting, a physical exercise program can assist quicken the metabolism and burn calories speedily. There are a number of home physical exercise videos offering the precise and motivated methods to burn off […]