Popular Treatments for Acute Back Pain

Back pain is a common problem for most people at some point in their lives. Constant back pain can be a big interruption in one’s daily life and extreme back pain can be debilitating to the point of severely restricting movement. If this sounds like you, you don’t have to life like this. It’s time […]

Craving Busters: How to Control Hunger

How to Control Hunger

How to Control Hunger? So many of us start out on a diet with the best intentions. We say to ourselves, “This time I will be disciplined and committed.” On days one, two and even three we have a firm resolve but soon enough, hunger strikes and overwhelms and we find ourselves caving to temptation. […]

Why Women Need Vitamin D

Women Need Vitamin D

According to ScienceDaily(1) Americans have low Vitamin D levels. That means we are susceptible to other illnesses including cancer and cardiovascular disease. The link between vitamin D and dementia risk is confirmed. D maintains muscle strength helping reduce falls in the elderly. It can reduce your risk of multiple sclerosis which has no cure. It […]

7 Foods That Naturally Detox Your body

Detox Your body

Food is a Powerful Weapon to Detox Your Body Do you want to keep your body healthy through your diet? If so, you will need to consider detoxing your body from the everyday toxins in your current diet. To jump-start the process, we suggest following a healthy, safe detox program to detox your body. We’ve compiled […]