The Best Inexpensive Vitamins for When You’re Injured & Out of a Job

If you’ve sustained an injury and lost employment recently, you’ve almost certainly experienced increased stress. Don’t overlook the importance of consuming healthy, nutritious foods and vitamins during this challenging period in your life. Most insurance companies will allow the insured to protect up to 60% of their pre-disability earned income. You’ll benefit by allocating some of this money towards the purchase of a good daily vitamin supplement.

Why Vitamins Matter

Why should you dedicate some funds towards purchasing vitamins? Two reasons underlie the wisdom of this strategy. First, as the body heals injuries, it must create new tissue and cells as it undergoes this regeneration. Many vitamins serve as essential coenzymes during physiological processes. By taking vitamin supplements on a regular basis and selecting a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, you’ll help this effort.

Second, recognize both accidents and job losses cause stress. This process also produces specific physical changes in your body. People typically experience an increase in bloodstream cortisol levels. They may also sustain unwelcome symptoms such as difficulty sleeping, intense fatigue, and emotional volatility. Many vitamins fill roles in producing components which assist the body in combating the consequences of stress. Don’t deprive yourself of these essential nutrients during a pivotal period in your life: be kind to yourself, and make certain you take vitamin supplements conforming with your physician’s recommendations.

Check With Your Physician First

Today licensed medical practitioners appreciate the importance of nutrition and vitamins in maintaining and restoring good health. Before taking any nutritional food supplement (including vitamins) while undergoing medical care during recovery from an injury, you’ll want to discuss your supplements with your physician.

If your doctor has already prescribed a general vitamin, for example, taking some extra supplements might increase your daily intake of certain minerals above recommended levels. Additionally, your doctor will likely make useful suggestions about specific vitamins you should buy at this time. Follow your physician’s recommendations in choosing specific vitamin supplements. Most physicians encourage patients to consume at least a high quality general vitamin supplement product. Your physician may also recommend supplementing additional vitamins, such as Vitamin C and/or a B-vitamin complex.

Vitamins We Carry That Cost Less Than $10

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