Relieve Stress : The Easiest Thing to Do

By Josee Smith

Relieve Stress : Have you noticed that when you feel tense all the time your body reacts in many different ways?

Your muscles become sore and tight, you feel tired and you become moody. These physical and mental changes can wreck havoc on your life. If this sounds like you then it’s time to find simple ways to relax and relieve stress.

Having a tense body is due to stress and to cope with stress you need to understand what stress is first. There is actually a ton of ongoing debates about what stress is and how to define it.

The common understanding is that stress is a feeling or experience a person feels when they are asked to perform certain things and feel that they don’t have enough resources to do so.

This is actually very true if you think about it. When you have lots of time to get something done you enjoy the activity and have no worries. The minute you start thinking that you cannot get everything accomplished then the stress factor comes into play. You start worrying, your body starts tensing up and your enjoyment levels immediately drop. This could also feel even worse during busier times of the year such as the holidays.

Stress affects people in different ways and no two people will deal with their stress in exactly the same way. For some people they will begin to drink alcohol or smoke heavily, or they might start to use drugs instead. Other people may just become withdrawn while others will become loud and abusive.

Your first step is to understand that you are experiencing the normal signs of stress. Your second step is to find simple ways on how to deal with this. One of the easiest things to do is to teach yourself how to relax.

Learning how to relax your body can be done in a few simple ways. One of the best ways is to just learn how to breathe correctly. This involves learning deep breathing techniques which you can perform anywhere. The minute you start to feel stressed out you start performing your exercises.

Another method is to make time for yourself. This can include removing yourself from the situation for a few minutes or taking a ten minute walk. Even taking the time to listen to some relaxing music is a good idea and one that can be done at most workplaces. You can easily download some music to your MP3 player and listen to them as necessary.

By listening to your body and relaxing you can begin to reduce your stress levels and avoid any health complications that can be caused by too much stress.

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